13 Oct
Pierre et Kevin

Hey everyone!

Tonight, against the great Panathinaïkos, I am going to play again in the EuroLeague. Before the tip-off, I will remind myself some memories about my first games in this competition during my spell in Vitoria, six years ago, during the NBA Lock Out. I was only able to play a couple of games before going back to the USA…

Today, things are a bit different. Six years have passed, and I gained experience, but I always keep the same motivation and the same eagerness to learn and win it all.

My decision to sign with Barcelona was also driven by the opportunity to win the EuroLeague title with the Blaugrana colours on, and to also help write another amazing page on the team’s history. I love the crowd at the Palau, and I can’t wait to be on the court in a couple of hours. I know that every fan, the entire Blaugrana Nation is going to support us to get that win, and to show us love in the beginning of our quest of the continental title.

Travelling around Europe, discovering new arenas and intense crowds, but also compete against other French players, including some former teammates, is going to be exciting. Almost ten years ago, I was playing in Pro A with Nando De Colo, and two years after, I won the French league with Fabien Causeur. When we will play against CSKA Moscow or the Clasico in November, we will most likely (and nicely) trash talk each other a bit, but I will keep the same mind-set of winning whoever I am playing against.

Tonight, I am going to face a friend of mine, and a former teammate in the NBA, Chris Singleton. I am happy to be able to see him again, we had some great times in D.C.

Winning the continental competition won’t be any easy task. We would need to face so many talented teams to reach the crown. CSKA Moscow, Real Madrid, Saski Baskonia or Fenerbahçe for example, have heavy rosters and are going to be fierce teams to beat.

In that ‘regular season’ format, every game is going to be very important. Our perfect start of the Liga Endesa helps us be confident, being unbeaten after three games. We couldn’t have had a better start! The team has a great chemistry and the group is very united, and we enjoy playing with each other. We feel that we have a very special group of guys that can achieve great things. The game won last week in Badalona, the Catalan derby, showed that we are warriors that won’t ever give up, always having success in our minds.

As I am waiting for tonight’s game, I am still going to discover that wonderful city of Barcelona. What an incredible weather, people are so nice! Being an athlete in this kind of city is a privilege!

Visca Barça!



28 Sep
KS BARCA-1920x1080px-9

Hi everyone !

What a summer ! I had the opportunity to wear the national team jersey again, and despite the early elimination, I only had great times with the ‘Bleus’ at the 2017 EuroBasket. Listening to the ‘Marseillaise’ with this jersey on, and share some incredible moments with that group of guys was amazing. I am looking forward to represent my country again in the future!

The energy and the confidence are at their highest level, and I am so looking forward to start the season tomorrow. This summer was very intense, but also very interesting too, as I learned a lot.

Tomorrow, I am going to play for the first time in an official game with my new team, representing the blue and red of FC Barcelona. After 7 years in the NBA, I am back in the Old Continent with the goal of having a great season and helping the Blaugranas write great pages of the history of this legendary franchise. I can’t wait to meet up with the fans, feel the incredible atmosphere of the Palau that will help us win a lot of games!

That is a new start for me. After 7 years between Washington D.C, New York and Indianapolis, here I am in the biggest city of Cataluna. An extraordinary metropolis that I am discovering a bit more every single day. The warmth welcoming I have been receiving since I got here is fantastic and I want to give my best for thoses blue and red colors. My teammates and myself are going to do everything to help the team win titles and make the fans happy. I am here to have a great season, motivation and ambition levels are high!

Because FC Barcelona is more than just a team. Mes que un club as they say here. It’s a pride to wear that jersey and be a Blaugrana alongside that very talented group of players. Practice and share time with a legend like Juan Carlos Navarro, be with my fellow compatriots Thomas Heurtel and Adrien Moerman, and play with all the talented guys we have and be working with an ambitious coaching staff, all the lights are bright green!

We have a very good team, ready to give everything for the Blaugrana nation and win a lot of titles.

Visca Barça !

Signed, #frenchsavage


30 Dec

As we are getting closer to the end of 2016, Kevin decided to answer some questions on a special Q/A Pacers’ edition! Here are his answers:


The player He knew the less when arriving in Indianapolis:

Glenn Robinson III. I didn’t know about him when I first practiced with the team but he has so much talent. He knows how to do every thing pretty well and he is also an excellent shooter.

The funniest guy on the team:

Georges Niang! He is always in a good mood and always makes jokes to make the guys laugh! He is such a funny guy, always smiling, that is great.

The best shooter:

Paul George. He almost never misses a shoot, that is crazy. He is such a great mechanic at shooting and he can make shots from everywhere he wants. That’s really impressive! He is one of the best players of the league, no doubt about it!

The player that yells the most:

Monta Ellis. Whatever we are at practice or during a game, he always yells! (laughs). He is such a great competitor, a guy who is passionate about the game whatever the circumstances are.

The player who asks you the most to teach him some French:

Paul George ! He is always asking me to teach him some French. He knows some word now and he learns fast! He likes to try to talk to me in French when we play at FIFA17 against each other!

The best player of the team at…FIFA 17:

Me! But they don’t know it yet (laughs). I am joking. Paul George is very good at it and we play against each other pretty often. He wins most of the time but the games are very competitive. I feel that this dynamic is going to change soon in my favour 😉

Your favourite place in Indy:

The Bankers Life Fieldhouse! It’s such a great arena. Our fans are so great! They are always supporting us and the crowd is very noisy, which is always good.  It’s always a pleasure to play in front of the Pacers’ nation!

One word about the Pacers’ fans?

Amazing fans! They love the Pacers and the city so much, that is so great. It’s great to have a fanbase like this, who always shows us love and support no matter what. There is always a positive vibe that helps us give our best for the whole Pacers’ nation!


Happy holidays and my best wishes of happiness, health and success for 2017 to everyone! Thanks for your constant support and love :)


Team Séraphin

26 Oct
Pacers Seraphin

Here we are!

After long weeks of waiting, we are just a couple of hours away from the  beginning of the 2016-2017 regular season for the golden and black franchise based in  Indianapolis.

Being only 26 and starting his 7 th NBA season, Kevin Séraphin discovers his third city  since he crossed the Atlantic in 2010, after a year spell in the Big Apple last season.

Signed by the Pacers a couple of weeks ago, Séraphin is getting adapted to his new  franchise, and discovers a bit more every single day the city located in one of  basketball’s cores of the country. “I lived in D.C and New York and right now, I discover a  new kind of place, smaller and maybe a bit more closer to what I was used to when I was a  kid. I really like it: the vibe in Indy is great, people are super nice and the passion and the  love for the Pacers is just perfect”, said the French Guyanese big man.

Guided by team President, the legendary Larry Bird, the Pacers are one of the most  known franchises in the best league in the world. “To have an Hall of Famer such as Larry  Bird is amazing. He gives us a lot of good advices; he is very supportive. He is the kind of  president who loves his team and he is always here for us. He wants everyone to improve  and the work environment here is great. Very competitive, our group is solid and united.  That is a great experience for me”, told Séraphin.

Led by one of the members of Team USA and recently Olympic champion at Rio 2016,  Paul George, the Indiana Pacers are, in Séraphin’s opinion, about to start a great and  successful season. “Our team is very talented and very motivated to do great things. Our  roster has a lot of options, Paul is our leader and our fans are just amazing, always very  supportive. What else can we ask for? We have all the ‘ingredients’ to make a great season.  We know that we have great potential and that we can write a great page in Pacers’  history”, admits Kevin.

Just a couple of hours away from their first home game, Kevin Séraphin has one goal in  mind: to keep working hard and help his team make a superb season. “ That what’s on  my mind: I am so motivated and ready to do everything for the franchise. I worked hard  this summer and I am in perfect shape to have a great season. Indianapolis is the perfect  place to win!”

Team Séraphin.

28 Sep

After five months of offseason, it’s time to go back to the court with a new team!

After a year in the Big Apple, Kevin’s future is linked now with the Midwest, one of the most historical basketball places in the country and the Indiana Pacers.

“I am very happy to be part of this talented team, and I am ready to give my best and show the staff and the whole franchise that they took the right decision to recruit me”, said Séraphin, less than a month away from the beginning of the regular season.

After a busy summer, here is a new stage on his career for our French big men, after an intense spell with the Knicks.

« I learned a lot last year and I want to do everything to achieve and do great things here in Indianapolis. I spent the summer working hard in order to be in great shape, ready to play hard and won a lot of games with my new family”, smiled Séraphin, motivated and ready for his new challenge.

While travelling and working in Paris, Los Angeles and Cayenne, the young power forward had two specific words driving his mind this summer: work and keep improving.

“I have been working on my shooting skills, my footsteps, but also my cardio and my reflexes by doing some boxing. I spent the whole summer working hard and be in great shape for the beginning of the training camp”, said Séraphin.

As it happens every summer, the 2016 edition of the Kevin Séraphin’s camp was also a great event of KS’s offseason. “It’s something I love to do, I like to give back to my native French Guyana, I am proud of where I am from. It’s the least I could do, I like to help and I take my role as an example of inspiration very seriously. I want to help the Youth of my native region”, said Kevin.

While the preseason starts in the best league in the world, our French player keeps being ambitious. “I want to show that I am here for a reason and that I can have an impact in this league. I have goals; dreams and I work hard every day to reach those ones. Win titles, playing at international level with the national team are some of them too, I want to win and keep being happy playing basketball! “.



Team Séraphin

14 Apr

Hello everyone,

There it is, my sixth season in the NBA reached an end this week.

What an intense season in an incredible city and in that legendary franchise! I am always looking for the positive side of life and I can say that I have learned a lot in the last couple of months.

The season had some ups and downs, but I have learned, improved and grown up around my teammates, playing for that organization and in front of you Knicks’ fans, the best ones in the country.

Thanks a lot everyone!

I would like to express a special thank to the Knicks fans and for my fans in general, for the love, help and unconditional support throughout the year. Every little message, smile, sign of love and appreciation from you guys is very important to me. You guys are amazing! It’s an honour and a pride for me to have your support.

Now, after a bit of rest, I will get ready for my next challenges. I am still young and have a lot of room for improvement, and I am looking forward to what is coming next.

The season is over, but I am going to keep being active and give you updates about my summer and my offseason projects.

I wish everyone a great end of spring than a good summer. See you all this fall for the next NBA season!

Best and lot of love,


29 Mar
KS vs Bulls

Weeks goes by but are not the same for the New York Knicks, who won’t get to the playoffs again this season. After a complicated road trip to the west coast (2 wins and 4 losses), the Big Apple’s legendary franchise had a great week with two wins against the Chicago Bulls and a logic loss versus the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the best record of the Eastern conference.

Our two wins against the Bulls were probably our best games since the beginning of the season’ said Jerian Grant, one of the closest teammates of Kevin Séraphin in the locker room, adding that ‘despite the difficulties we have been having this season, the team has been improving and everyone has been showing good things. There are still a couple of games left to play, and we need to play as hard as we can to finish the season the best possible way’ explained the rookie, who is the nephew of the Bulls’ legendary power-forward Horace Grant.

Solid since a couple of games after struggling after the All Star break, the Latvian rookie Kristaps Porzingis also considers that the Knicks, despite some irregular performances since the coach replacement, are doing better progressively.

It’s a fact: the team needed time to find chemistry and to reach their best potential, and I also think that we have been playing very well in the last couple of games. We are better in defense; the ball is shared in offense. It’s a but annoying that we are too far away from the last spot to get to the playoffs, but we need to fight to get the best record we can before the end of the season. Until April the 12th, we need to show that the Knicks are in progression’.

For the French center, things have been going well in the last couple of games. After a great performance in the loss against the Warriors (12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists), Kevin Séraphin has been showing good things after not playing for a couple of games.

My state of mind won’t change whether I play or not. I keep working hard and I stay in shape. I am in a great shape and I feel good every time I am on the court. It feels great to be playing and I am happy by the way I have been playing recently’ said the number one of the Knicks.

After having another good game last night against the Pelicans (4 points, 4 rebounds), the French Guyanese big men hopes to have a solid end of regular season.

We have nine games left and we need to keep staying competitive regardless of the situation. It’s very important for us to be professional and play each game at our highest level even if we aren’t going to make it to the playoffs’.


Team Séraphin

04 Feb
Mi saison

Less than ten days before the All Star Week end, known for being the only break for most of the players during the regular season, it’s time to look back at the first three months of competition so far for the New York Knicks and their French power-forward/center, Kevin Séraphin.

After a complicated 2014-2015 season (only 17 wins), the legendary franchise is  bouncing back and has been improving a lot on most of the aspects of their game, but  also on their level of performance.

Currently having a record of 23 wins for 27 losses, the Knicks are actually tenth in the  Eastern Conference, only two spots away from the playoffs.  “It’s clearly day and night comparing to last season, it feels great to see that our work pays  off and that the team are winning more games than last year”, said Langston Galloway,  close friend of Kevin  and always seated on his right in the Knicks’ locker room.  “It’s also good to see happy fans around us, showing us their support, that helps us a lot. To  have a fanbase who’s that enthusiastic, it’s like playing with a sixth man on the court”.

For some new players, such as the rookie sensation Kristaps Porzingis, the improvement  of the team is very interesting to see and having the spotlights back on the franchise is a  proof of their good work. “We need to stay patient and keep improving, mostly on our  losses, but things have been going well and everyone can tell by the way the group has a  positive attitude. We play hard, we show a great personality every night and that’s a great  proof of our good work. That was frustrating to lose that Thunder’s game last week, but we  keep improving and that’s the most important for now”.

For our French center, the week has been mainly positive. After dealing with a rib injury  the week before, the French Guyanese player was solid against the Oklahoma City  Thunder last Tuesday, were he scored 8 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and blocked 3  shots. “I was feeling great and wanting to give my contribution to my team.  The crowd was  incredible once again and we were close to beat Oklahoma. It’s with those kinds of losses  that you build future wins”.

About his personal level of performance since the beginning of the season, Kevin    thinks that things are improving and that he mastered the triangle tactic.  « I work hard and I learn everyday. I feel that I have been improving and I am happy to be  here, alongside great players and amazing teammates with whom we want to go far this  season. There are still 32 games left, I am ready to give everything for the team, like I did  last Tuesday against the Thunder”, said the 26 years-old player.

With a very important game tonight versus the Boston Celtics, the Knicks are still  working on reaching their best level and trying to reach their goals for the season:  improving and reaching a playoffs spot at the end of the regular season.

Team Séraphin

28 Jan
Works pays off

NYC – January 12th 2016

After long weeks of experiments, the New York Knicks seem to have finally found a positive dynamic and a high level of playing on this beginning of 2016. With a record of 4 wins and 2 losses since January 1st, the orange and blue has been showing great things and achieve solid performances against top seeded teams, which bring satisfaction to the pillars of the team, such as Kristaps Porzingis. “The first games of 2016 were nice tests for us. January is a very intense month and playing – and winning – against high ranked teams like Atlanta and Miami and losing by one against the Spurs are a sing of improvement. We are on our way to be very competitive, that’s for sure”.

Derrick Williams, who has been tremendous in his new 6th man’s role, couldn’t agree more with the Latvian prodigy. “The group of players is happy because our efforts are not vain. We still have room for improvement, and we have been noticing our progression by the way we have been playing in the last couple of games. We are happy to help the Knicks be back under the spotlights and be part of this great adventure”.

On that intense quest of a playoff spot, the minutes between rotation players are very hard to obtain, as some players are being less used in recent times, including the French center, Kevin Séraphin.

For the French Guianese big men, who saw his minutes reduced mostly because of the Knicks playing more on a small ball philosophy, keeps being positive and active in spite of the current situation. “I know that things can go fast in the NBA and I am very positive. I am a professional and I am also here to help my teammates and be ready for the next opportunity”, he said, adding that “the coach needs anyone and I keep working hard as I will have other chances to show what I can do. We are only in January, there are plenty of games left so I stay focus and confidant day after day”.

With the duel against the Boston Celtics tonight and the “battle of the boroughs” in Brooklyn tomorrow, the New York Knicks can confirm even more in the next couple of days their great actual dynamic.

Team Seraphin

28 Jan
Road Trip

NYC – December 16th 2015

After spending a week playing games on their home court, the New York Knicks went in the last couple of days on a road trip to the West coast of the country, as it is usual during the NBA season. That means: 6 days away from home, almost 9000 miles across the country and 3 different time zones to go play in Salt Lake City, Sacramento and Portland.

In this situation, minds and bodies are being put through some intense changes, and it is necessary to be careful and stay aware of every detail to be in perfect condition to live that particular experience that athletes based in the USA live all year long.

For Kevin Séraphin, it’s important to keep his mind busy in order to have a good time during those long flights. “Everyone does whatever he wants, but it’s true that we need to stay relax and rest. Me, for example, I like to watch some movies or some TV shows – Empire is my favorite at the moment- and than sleep to get more used to time difference between the flights. Some of my teammates play cards, others talk or read, everyone tries to have a relaxed and good time”, said the French Guyanese center.

On the physical part, players always think about resting from the previous efforts, wearing some sports compression tights to help a quick recovery in between the trips and the games. “It has become a common thing to do between basketball players when we are travelling. It helps a lot on our muscular recovery and also on the relaxation of the legs. Everyone wears this kind of thing now”, comments the player who wears the number 1 jersey in the franchise based in the Big Apple.

In order to get ready to the intense succession of games away from home and to have a permanent following on his physical preparation, Kevin Séraphin can count on his physical trainer, Sébastien Morin. Being friends for more than ten years now, the former Cholet Basket (French 1st division) physical trainer travels with Kevin every time the Knicks play away.

For every away game, my routine is always the same: I get to the city a couple of hours before the team and I try to see where are the best spot to go eat healthy food but I also prepare the stretching and physical exercises that he has to do every day”, said Morin.

On the physical aspect, the young trainer always gives importance on two topics: articular mobility and physical recovery.

Outside of nutrition, those two aspects are extremely important for an elite athlete. On the articular level, we do some exercises that help him unlock his articulations on the hips and ankles, as they are the most solicited during the efforts for a basketball player. For recovery, we use a machine called NormaTec. It helps compress the legs in order to recover faster and help blood circulation on that part of the body”.

With 82 games in five months and a half and thousands of hours spent on flights, those aspects are extremely important for every NBA player.

Team Séraphin